tennantsangels asked:
Hi Angie I'm so sorry about your diagnosis but I believe that you will get through this and return healthy and happy!! Best of luck with your treatments and remember that you have family and friends as well as perfect strangers who will be thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts!! <3

Hey ! well aren’t you a sweetheart :) Thank you so much for the positivity and love <3 I will be happy to talk to you when I come back <3 much love xx

ed-does-ecstasy asked:
The angels will keep you safe. I've been through shit with illnesses, and you can do it. You can kick its ass. Show it who is boss. We are all praying for you. You're a beautiful soul, and I wish you all the luck in the world.

oh I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with health issues as well. I hope you’re ok now :)  And of course. I’m not planning on giving up :) I will make Ed proud, I promise <3

strawberries-taste-how-lipss-doo asked:
Sending positive vibes on your way. I truly know you will get better and soon you will be back with us🌸🌸 you will definitely be miss.🌻🌻 don't forget we are here for you!

I’ve got so many amazing people behind my back and I know it’s a long and difficult road, but with all of this support I’ll go far <3 thank you so much <3

sheernun asked:
Sending you all love and prayers you will fight your illness through we all believe in you ,hope you get better soon sweetheart xxxxxx

thank you so so so much <3 means a lot <3 love you heaps :)

Anonymous asked:
I haven't spoken to you that much, but this is not goodbye, it's a see you soon, okay? We all love and support you, you can do this!!! I'll miss you on my dash, stay strong beautiful xxx

I will miss you too, lovely anon. You are so sweet and amazing and I’m so proud of you. I’ll be back and there will be a lot of Ed on your dash,  I promise you that :)

sheeran-in-the-usa asked:
I've been following you since I made this blog and I know you will beat this, I love youu and I'll miss you so much! Were all here for you :)

Messages like these make my day honestly ! I’m so happy you enjoyed my blog and I promise when I come back there will be a lot of Ed from me once again :) I love you so much girl

Anonymous asked:
You are one of my favours blogs and it's sad to see you go. I understand it's for the best and I Completely get it. I just want you to know that i love you and I will miss you dearly. But I also want you to know that you will get though this and you'll look back at this moment one day and realize that this was just an obstacle and you got over. You will get though this because I believe in you <3.

all of you guys inspire me so much, it’s beyond words. I will always hold on to these words I promise <3 I hope to talk to you soon, healthy :) Love you

Anonymous asked:
You're beautiful okay. Please don't ever give up and I hope that everything goes well for you. And if you ever get down on your self please Remember all the people on this website who care about you and all the people who would hate to see you sad. Keep going and you've been so strong so far and don't ever give up. Promise? I love you(:

ahhhh I promsie you absolutely lovely anon. You are my greatest sourse of strength and inspiration <3 

lydiamartining asked:
I don't want to hear a goodbye to us, I want to hear a goodbye to your illness. You are amazing and I know you will get through this. Stay strong, we're here for you. You're in my prayers, love <3 xx

this is so amazing ! Thank you so much <3 This means to me more than you can imagine. I love you, for always being there for me. Sending massive love your way Xx

youredsheeranstory asked:
You can go through this successfully Angie. We are all behind you. We love you and support you all the way. You are welcome to go back anytime, we will never change. I hope you can use Ed's music to help you go through tough times. Remember, you are strong independent women and no illness can bring you down! xx - Kim

Ed will be my biggest inspiration and motivation to survive ! I won’t give up, because he wouldn’t want me to. I love you so much and all of these messages only prove to me that Ed Sheeran fanbase is the best one with the biggest hearts and the most beautiful souls. God Bless you love <3